SugaVida Turmeric Lattes now available from Ocado UK & retailers Stateside!

SugaVida Turmeric Latte Range: Now Available Stateside and Beyond

Due to the continued success of its best-selling SugaVida Turmeric Latte range, Wholebeing Health Foods today announced that their award-winning beverages can now be purchased in the UK’s leading online supermarket Ocado, and within a number of cafes & retailers both in the United States and Canada.


Thursday, 19th April 2018. If you have yet to indulge in the delightfully creamy, deliciously fragrant, SugaVida Turmeric Latte, you’re in for a treat! As one of the UK’s best-selling wonder drinks, the popularity of this health boosting blend has skyrocketed in the past 12-months. So much so that is now available to purchase in retail outlets and cafes throughout the UK, and across the pond in both Canada and the United States where ‘Golden Milk’ has gained a huge cult following.

A modern-day health elixir enriched with 100% natural organic ingredients, SugaVida Turmeric Lattes stand out on the international marketplace, quite simply because they are bursting with proven powerful health benefits. Made from an authentic recipe and master blended by Ayurvedic doctors, they include hand roasted turmeric from the organic spice farms of Southern India, high grade Tellicherry black pepper, and SugaVida, the plant-based superfood and natural sugar alternative.

So, what makes SugaVida Turmeric Lattes different?

Well, taste most definitely has something to do with it. In fact, the Cardamom flavour SugaVida Turmeric Latte won a Great Taste Award, but there’s more to it than just flavour. This high-quality blend includes organic turmeric with a curcumin content of 7%, which is considerably higher than most other brands and offers a maximum dose of health and wellbeing.

Curcumin is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful healers. It can help reduce pain and inflammation, slow down brain cell degeneration to improve mental health, and it is packed with antioxidant benefits to improve skin tone and hair growth. When blended with black pepper, curcumin becomes more bioavailable, so it is easily absorbed by the body and the unique blend can start working its magic instantly.

The secret ingredient of these delicious Turmeric Lattes is SugaVida, the natural sweetener harvested from the blossom of the sacred Palmyra tree. Naturally rich in B vitamins and minerals, low GI and with a patent for diabetes, SugaVida has a delicious caramel flavour that compliments the turmeric to perfection and removes the need for substandard sugars and sweeteners.

SugaVida Turmeric Latte Testimonials

Since its launch last year, SugaVida Turmeric Latte has gained quite a fanbase. Here’s what regular drinkers have to say:

Delicious feel good drink. My friend put me on to this product and I am loving it. I tend to make up a litre bottle and leave it in the fridge. All I need to do is shake and pour. It’s delicious and I feel so good after drinking it. – Julie P

Brilliant stuff. I now don’t get stiff or sore the morning after a tough boot camp workout. Highly recommend if you’re a creaky granny like me! – Fiona R

Great taste. Bought this at the BBC Good Food Show. Love the taste and the natural properties in it. It’s a wonderful alternative to coffee and has the bonus of no caffeine. Helps even out my sugar levels. I had a good night’s sleep again last night after drinking it hot in milk before bed. – Anna D

Feeling the benefits. The product seems to be helping and I have been informed by my Pharmacist that the full benefits will be felt over a period time. – Michael J


So Where Does SugaVida Turmeric Latte Go from Here…

Kristina Locke of Wholebeing Health Foods said, “We are thrilled that our SugaVida Turmeric Lattes have become so popular and look forward to continued success both at home in the UK and overseas. In addition to our great value 300g packs, we’ll be offering our Original, Spicy Ginger, and Cardamom SugaVida Turmeric Lattes in both 80g pouches and single serving sachets in the coming months, so our loyal customers can enjoy their much-loved Golden Milk on the go.”


For more information on SugaVida Turmeric Lattes, please contact Wholebeing Health Foods:

+44 (0)845 2335 000